Ranking Popular Halloween Costumes of 2023

Ranking Popular Halloween Costumes of 2023

Ranking Popular Halloween Costumes of 2023

Halloween is a great time to get creative and show off your personality with your costume. If you're looking for a costume people won't forget, here's a ranking of the popular Halloween costumes of 2023:

1. Iconic Celebrities

Celebrities from Adam Sandler or Bob Ross, to Justin and Hailey Bieber, and even Travis and Taylor are huge this year! Beloved icons and there costumes are relatively easy to put together when you follow one of there iconic outfits.

Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce 2020 Halloween Costume Goes Viral | HuffPost  UK Entertainment

2. O.G. Disney Characters

Just to name a few Disney princesses, the little mermaid, the Mr. Incredible family, and Lilo and Stitch are making a huge splash this year. The nostalgia of these timeless and beloved characters can't miss!

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3. Cops and Robbers

At any Halloween party you can find a police officer with cuffs and a prison inmate to not too far away. It's a popular costume you can get creative with! You never know when you might get cuffed up!

Soap and Loofah Couple Costume. | Couple halloween costumes, Couples  costumes, Halloween outfits

4. Barbie and Ken

Barbie is a mega popular Halloween costume for 2023, thanks to the success of the new live-action movie. This costume is easy to find and can be customized to fit your own personal style. Whether you want to go classic Barbie with a pink dress and blonde hair, or you want to be a more unique Barbie like Cowgirl Barbie or Mermaid Barbie, there's a Barbie costume out there for everyone. Don't forget about our boy Ken!

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5. Western Theme

Cowboys and Cowgirls just know how to have fun! Western is a popular and fun costume people can do without having to go all unless you want to go buck wild!

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6. Wednesday Addams

This costume is perfect for fans of the Addams Family and anyone who loves a good gothic look. To make a Wednesday Addams costume, you'll need a black dress, a white collar, and black pigtails. You can also add a black hat and some other gothic-themed accessories to really complete the look.

Who plays Wednesday Addams in Wednesday? – Jenna Ortega - Wednesday cast:  Who plays... - PopBuzz

7. Angels and Devils

Angel and Devil is always a popular one you style to your own desire. There are many different directions you can take the costume, and if you go solo you might even find your rival match.

Angel and Devil Couples Costumes | Tipsy Elves

These are just a few popular Halloween costumes of 2023. Other great costume themes are Chucky, famous athletes, pirates, cheerleaders, vampires, and space.

With so many different costumes to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one for you. Have fun and be creative!