Brett Logsdon: Party Animal or American Entrepreneur?

Brett Logsdon: Party Animal or American Entrepreneur?

Brett Logsdon is an American entrepreneur and party animal with a strong social media influence. He is the founder of Logsdon Enterprises, a company that specializes in event planning and promotion. Brett Logsdon is known for his must-attend parties, which are often attended by celebrity guest performers.

Logsdon is a native of Portland, Oregon. He began his career throwing parties in high school for his friends. In 2019, he launched his own event promotion company, called Logsdon Enterprises.

Logsdon's events are known for their high-profile celebrity guests and their high-energy atmosphere. He has hosted high-profile parties in cities all over his home state of Oregon including Portland, Bend, and the college towns Corvallis and Eugene for Oregon State University and University of Oregon.

Brett Logsdon also has a strong social media presence. He has over 2 Million views amongst his TikTok videos and a quickly growing Instagram with loyal supporters of his events. He uses his social media accounts to promote his events and to share his lifestyle with his fans.

Logsdon is a controversial figure. Some people admire his success and self-driven lifestyle. Others criticize him for his ostentatious displays of success and his close association with celebrities.

Brett Logsdon and celebrity performer Landon Cube

Regardless of one's opinion of him, Brett Logsdon is a significant figure in Oregon's event promotion. He is known for his epic parties and his high-profile celebrity guests. He is also a controversial figure, but there is no doubt that he is a successful event promoter.

His next event will be hosted in the hometown of Oregon State University on Halloween weekend October 28th featuring a live performance from special guest Shordie Shordie. If this is something you find fascinating make sure to tune in. Tickets available at